Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 months already...

Rase mcm sekejap je...rase baru smlm br buat pregnancy test...sekarang dah 6 bulan menggendong si baby comel ni dlm perut..hahaha...owh sweetheart, mommy love u so much!

Now dah rase baby semakin aktif di dlm perut ni...ape lah aksi anak mama ni buat eh? yg paling best when i talk to him/her, he/she will responsed back to "anak mama tgh buat ape tu? cube kick skit" he/she will kick me after that...seronoknye...slalu berebut ngan daddy nak ckp ngan baby...what a feeling...heaven!

Last week, i've done my MGTT test, and its NORMAL. When i went for the check up, my weight still increasing more than it supposed to be...and nurse said " u must be careful, control ur weight increament, or else u have to repeate the MGTT test @ week 28 or week 32". Owh no...

My HB have raise to 11.0 but it just nice figure. I must eat food that will supply me more iron...

Sumber zat besi : Hati, limpa, Paru, Daging, Ayam, Sardin, Sayur, Hijau, Hasil, Soya...rasenye aku salu je mkn sayur, ayam ngan soya nape la x cukup2 lg...

@ 24 weeks:

At this stage:

  • Your baby now weighs more than 600g

  • He/She is starting to fill the space in your uterus (womb).

  • From crown to heel she/he could measure 30cm.

  • Though your baby still has little body fat and her/his skin is thin and fragile, she's/he's well-proportioned.

  • His/Her brain is growing rapidly, tastebuds have fully developed, and he/her footprints and fingerprints are continuing to form.

  • Inside her/his body, her/his lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree as well as cells that produce surfactant. This substance will help her/his air sacs inflate once she/he reaches the outside world.

  • You may be noticing stretch marks on your belly, hips and breasts - so far xde lg...but i feel itchy sometimes...

  • Your eyes may be light-sensitive and may feel gritty and dry. This is a perfectly normal pregnancy niggle known as dry eye syndrome. - patutla kadang2 rase x selesa je mate nih...


Nurse also check heart beat baby..normal, Alhamdullilah. Xde scan kali ni, bile tanye bile lg nak scan, die ckp maybe 7 bln nnt nak check kedudukan uri and 9bln time dkt nak bersalin nnt. Fine! Rase mcm x best la bile x tgk baby...en.hubby ckp, xpe, let go for scan at clinic...die pon nak tgk baby. Hopefully this weekend we'll free to do so.

And i'm start cuak sbb x beli ape2 pon brg baby lg...3 months to go. Nak bersalin kat mane pon x decide lg...selamba badak je aku nih. Lepas ni bleh la shopping dgn riang ria sbb dah abis final exam, assignment, presentation and report segala bagai.

Till today, tinggal 1 lg final exam paper to answer and 1 more report to submit...selesai 2 benda ni, merdeka! utk this sem la. At the same time, tgh dlm dilema memikir ape citer sem depan ni...nak continue mcm biase ke nak tangguh? Nak tangguh mcm sayang je...kalo bleh nak abis cepat. Nak continue, due date bln 8, kelas start bln 9, sempat ke abis pantang? x pon...terpakse ponteng kelas utk 3-4 minggu. Camne?

Ape2 mcm mane pon...tension mcm mane pon, i'm really enjoy my pregnancy period =) walaupon mase pregnant ni bdn aku naik mcm dipam-pam, jerawat berlumbe-lumbe naik kat muke nih...redha jela...demimu wahai anakku...Alhamdulillah atas segala pemberian dan ujian dariNya.


  1. nape la spacing die lari2...haih...lantaklah.

  2. kurangkan makan nasi kalu xmo berat naik banyak kena ganti ngn benda lain la

  3. waa..besnye da nk dapat baby..especially ble bby respond..=)

  4. cayuk2!! i pun tak sangka nak dpt 3+1+1+1=6 anak buah tahun ni...banyak woooo...

  5. kak ayu: ok, tgh cube kurangkan...huhu...tq. Along: sy dpt sorang anak +1+3+1 anak buah...=) meriah2...