Thursday, September 20, 2012


How to start?
This week i'm getting busy and busy...
the classes have started...
the work loads increased... 
i've notice there some drop in my EBM this week.
Morning session only able to get most 4oz, today only 3oz...cry!
afternoon session most 2-3oz

last night, i went back home at 12 am... restless, tired! 
driving alone : melawati - opis (putrajaya) - uitm shah alam - sek 15 s. alam - melawati since hubby got no class this sem. Only one class on tuesday. Plus not take proper dinner..totally exhausted!
poor lil Hafiy, he's been crying all night long while waiting for me.. he might be so hungry (of BM) and sleepy.. cry!
after a few minutes feeding him, he fall asleep. At 4am, he woke up, crying for BM again..then 5am, 6am, until his mother late for work!
maybe x puas kot? susu xde ke? skit ke?
cry again and again!

Since after raya, he refuse to drink BM tru bottle/cup/straw/spoon etc.
So, for a day, he drank only 0.5oz, luckily he like plain water/ juice.
But he got problem to sleep, usually he will nyonyot nenen/ bottle of milk then fall asleep..poor him & MIL's maid
everyday when i pick him up after work, he will greedily looking for BM (direct feed), poor him.

Now, i've no idea what to do, why it happen... Ya me!

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