Monday, May 20, 2013

9 days till EDD

Before i can start counting the days left... i have to let go 1 thing in my head...which is...
forget about thesis!
yes, finally I've made a decision...fill in TL form. 
Today have to meet my supervisor.
Submit the TL form, tangguh submit & present my thesis till next semester. 
If not, i cannot focusing on my delivery...not even prepare my mental, emotion, physical, etc... when decision made, now i can slowly ready myself to deliver my baby... "Baby, u can show sign from now on..."

Hospital bag baru je di complete kan...
ala kadar je..

Beg Mama:
sepasang baju + skirt + tudung - utk pakai blk
kain batik 1pc
tshirt 1pc
tudung 1 pc
socks 2 pcs
nursing bra
maternity pad
disposable breast pad
plastic bag
phone charger
air selusuh/ air zam zam

Beg baby:
Baju 2 pcs
blanket 1 pc
receiving blanket 2 pcs
barut 2 pcs
handkerchief 2 pcs
mitten booties 2 pairs
bonnet 2 pcs
bantal karipap 
diapers 10pcs
baby wipes
minyak telon
baby oil

Beg ke labor room:
maternity pad
baju baby 1pc
mitten booties 1 pair
receiving blanket 1pc
diapers 2 pcs

ok, dah kemalasan nak ke opis/ kelas...
till EDD 29th May...9 days left...
dah apply cuti 27 & 28hb.
so 23rd will be the last day in the opis.
kalo overdue lg camne??? adeh...

Pray for the safe & smooth delivery..InsyaALLAH..amin.

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  1. xpe anne...thesis cn still wait...kalau aku blh TL lg hr tu, aku akn pilih utk TL rather than menghadap thesis dlm you should be more relax n focus on the birth... Semoga dipermudahkan semuanya...In shaa Allah...Ameen..