Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014, goodbye 2013...

time flies so fast huh...
2014 already
as usual set the resolutions so that u have target to achieve & measure ur achievement...

resolutions 2013, part of it were achieved...syukur Alhamdulillah!!!
some of it are must be contiuous...some have to bring forward...sbb x achieve lg la tu =p

here there are...the 2014 resolutions:

  • be a better MUSLIM
  • be a better daughter, dil, wife & mother & sister
  • schooling the boys...
  • get the Ms. in geotechnical engineering
  • get more loose far dah turun 6.1kg from the weight after 3 months delivery, 10 more kg to loose to achieve weight time blaja..
  • keep on the jogging keep body fit & health
  • be a better worker
  • round2 the world - at least one destination oversea per year
  • eye laser, face laser, body spa regularly
  • should i apply to further study (pHD) abroad???
cukuplah tu dulu...kang x tercapai plak, drop kpi =p

2014 please be nice to me...and awesome k!