Thursday, November 16, 2017

Inspirational Leadership


Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan join Inspirational Leadership Podium bersama a tall, dark & handsome YB Khairy Jamaluddin semalam.

Sedikit background beliau, dilahirkan di Kuwait, dibesarkan di beberapa negara, Jepun (where he learn values and be such OCD sbb pentingkan kebersihan) , India, London, Singapore (where he learn to be patriotism).., Graduan Oxford in economic, social & ape tah lupe dah... pernah bekerja sebagai Economic journalist (pernah bekerja di Afghanistan, where he learn that religion is important to direct you in good things and unity).

so nak share skit la ilmu yg dapat semalam regarding leadership, ni pon berdasarkan sharing oleh YB, apa yg beliau lalui and bagaimana beliau menjadi beliau yg kini as a leader.

1) Get the best of yourself
always ask yourself, is that the very best u did? or u give? in anything u do...
have self criticism

2) Values - age 5-10, teach values to your child
timeliness - respect others time
cleanliness etc

3) Try to make our own country better
level of competitiveness
benchmark someone/ something to motivated u

4) How to structure society better
"what can we do..." facing the situation, always look for solution

5) Religion - believed that religion teach to do good things, bukan menggalakkan pepecahan/ kekejaman etc.
force for good
promote peace, unity... 

6) as in public service, do your job for more than just "tugas hakiki"

we have Q&A session too... ni soalan2 yg diingat la.

1) Q: how to manage bosses & dealing with senior officers
    A : respect elders, both ways respectful, not calling others even junior officer           just by name

2) Q: how to channel the idea, sometimes, boss not inline with us
    A: use diplomacy, mcm kipas tp bukan kipas... "kalau kite buat mcm ni ok tak? and your boss said boleh jugak, reply back saying, bagus idea boss" ha camtu...

3) Q: how to avoid org yg bermuka2... dpn puji our work, but kutuk kite at the back
    A: pastikan outcome clear, evaluations are transparent...abaikan ckp blakang
4) Q: what are the most obstacles & most regret in your life?
    A: obstacles: being son in law to ex PM
        regret: less talk to his late father (regret must be related to someone that          u love)

his motto when he 1st entered KBS, "more performance, less protocol..." 

leadership is that u must be on the ground... ask your team, "what u can do for me, and what i can do for u"..., "i give my back, u give your back"... camtu.

and regarding to health, youth, and TN50...

  • lifestyle - try to educate people that they must responsible on their own health and life!, government wasting a lot of money treating and dealing with NCD (non-communicable diseases) ape tu? meh nak citer...
Noncommunicable - or chronic - diseases are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. The four main types of noncommunicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases (like heart attacks and stroke), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructed pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes.
some of the penyakit tu adalah yg boleh dicegah melalui tabiat pemakanan. So people, eat healthy, live healthily... jom fit!

  • try to educate people on mental health. terutama screen addiction. not just to your child, but u can also be one of them. 
Most shocking of all, recent brain imaging studies conclusively show that excessive screen exposure can neurologically damage a young person’s developing brain in the same way that drug addiction can. 
sekian perkongsian serba sikit. Semoga bermanfaat.

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